The Point of Power is Now

When you look ahead at your goals and dreams this year, what do you envision? Do you see 365 days filled with infinite possibilities for you and your loved ones? Will it be a time of great transformation, teeming with opportunities for new growth? Who have you come here to be this year?

The choice is ours, day by day, how we spend our lives on this amazing journey. The good news is that we are always at the intersection of here and now. The choice to begin again exists in this moment. We continually have the power to start over and set the intention for a brand new way of being, no matter what may have happened in the past.

Sometimes the growth opportunities that show up come disguised as challenges that look and feel against us, and it might take some unwrapping to get through the disguise to the gift. We may become discouraged and feel like we are stuck, as we witness patterns of the past seemingly dictating current behavior. However, at those very times, regardless of what the outer appearance may tell us, we always have the opportunity to do the transformative internal heart-centered work that leads to the emergence of who we have come here to be. These experiences can be a most poignant time of growth.

There is a powerful question we can ask ourselves each and every day in our quest to positively transform the challenges we encounter. Who have I come here to be……in this moment? Every second offers an opportunity to shift our perspective, begin again, to use whatever shows up to clear our hearts of the pain of the past and make peace with our shadow, our relationships, our life experiences—to truly be who we have come here to be. And as we do, we contribute to making the world a place of compassion, caring and unconditional love.

Is this the year when you reach your goals and make your dreams come true? The point of power is always now. Who have you come here to be this year?





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