Rev. Terrence Padgett is the Southeast Regional Ministry Consultant, Certified Peace Sills facilitator and Transitional Consultant for Unity Worldwide Ministries. He is also a Certified Q-Effect Coach teaching "The Art and Practice of Living with Nothing and No one Against You" and The Q Process.

As the Ministry Consultant for the Southeast Region, he is the connecting link, or liaison,
between the S.E. Region and Unity Worldwide Ministries. His role incorporates what was
previously known as the Regional Representative, with that of Ministry Consultant.

In addition to offering The Q Process, Rev. Padgett provides the following services to support ministries:

  • Board and Leadership Training
  • Creating Intentional Spiritual Community
  • The Life Visioning Process for teams and individuals (the Board training includes this process for leaders)
  • Asset Mapping (a process of identifying the gifts (assets) that are contained in your spiritual community and what you want to create with them, RIGHT NOW!)
  • Transitional Consulting
  • Guest Speaking and Workshops
  • Filling in for ministers on sabbatical