Diana Kennedy has been involved in self-growth and spiritual study from more than twenty years. She is a Unity Minister, a Certified Q Coach, and an Intuitive Change Agent. It is her passion to create connections and support others in living a deeply fulfilling life. A powerful speaker, Diana is passionate about sharing spiritual teachings and supporting individuals on their journey. Her approachable style inspires her clients to dive in deeply and get the most from her transformative workshops.

Rev. Diana is available for one-on-one sessions, group classes and workshops, speaking engagements, plus retreats and ministerial services. The mission of her work is to provide you with support and encouragement for all of life's ups and downs. Her intention is to see your life with depth and awe. She offers support in you living a purposeful life of meaning and living as who you have come here to be. Topics she loves to explore include:

Mindfulness Practices
Discernment Techniques
Shadow Work
Inspired Leadership and Visioning
Peace and Prosperity
Spiritual Marketing
Heart-based Communication
Creating Emotional Freedom and Peace
Living Your Heart's Desires

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