A long time ago, in a distant galaxy, I completed a Masters in Social Work. I
chose Social Work because I wanted to be "an agent of change." In the 37 years
since I earned that designation, I have shared my energy in many ways: social
worker, counsellor, facilitator, mediator, teacher, leader, coordinator, organizer,
administrator, manager, coach, entrepreneur and consultant, partner, mother,

There is a river inside of me that insists on flowing and influencing the elements
that it touches. This river seeks wholeness, spiritual understanding, connection
with head and heart, knowing, expression and action.

Discovering the Q Process and supporting the Centre for Spiritual Living through
facilitating The Q Process Workshop is a perfect next step for me. This work
brings me back to the personal growth work that inspired me in the 1980's and
gives me an opportunity to support the transformational work done by the Centre
for Spiritual Living.