How well do you know your shadow?

How well do you know your shadow?

The Shadow is a tricky concept to nail down. That's it's nature. It hides in dark places and thrives on being unseen. Yet the effort to uncover the shadow material hidden in our memories and our meaning making, trapped inside our neural connections and our nervous system, is a worthwhile one. Only by shining a light into the dark places within, will we have any chance of dissolving the blocks that keep us stuck in old patterns of thought, feeling and behavior.

Want to learn more about seeing your shadow?


Enjoy this four-part radio conversation between author and The Q Effect Co-founder Dr. Rima Bonario and Rev. Kelly Isola, host of Spiraling Consciousness Radio Program in, Certified Q Coach and co-author of Who Have You Come Here to Be: 101 Possibilities for Contemplation and the companion card deck.

Only the Shadow Knows:  Part One  |  Part Two  |  Part Three |  Part Four





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