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Rima Bonario, Jane Simmons and Kelly Isola have crafted a guide book and card deck for a profound journey of self-discovery.

Join us on a journey that takes you bursting into the heat of fire, tunneling down to the center of the earth, plummeting into the depths of the ocean, soaring up high into the air, and reaching across the vast and beautiful cosmos.

Who have you come here to BE? 101 Possibilities for Contemplation is part daily reader, part spiritual practicum. Drenched in gorgeous imagery, each powerful page invites readers to dance, to leap, to sit still, to stand tall as they ponder the question, “Who have I come here to be?”


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  1. Please let me know when books are available to purchase. We have a class scheduled in January .
    • TheQEffect
      The books are now available in the shop.

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