Make a Brand New Ending

I have a secret to tell you, a very personal and vulnerable secret. For the past two weeks I haven’t been feeling it; feeling the love, feeling my soul. With all the rain and an overly full schedule my energy was zapped. And then I learned that I had underestimated my tax bill by several thousand dollars. Can you guess what kind of critical self-talk and shadow beliefs were finding new ways to bring me down? It truly seemed as though I had lost my mojo.

I began to wonder how on earth I was going to write something inspiring and meaningful for this month’s newsletter.

Fortunately, as part of my work, I search for uplifting things to share with The Q Effect Facebook community. We have almost 3,000 followers (if you haven’t already please visit us and like us!) and I love creating or sharing inspiring and thought-provoking posts. This week I found this amazing video (Go ahead watch it. I'll wait.):

My big take away from this amazing piece of soul-charging, heart-filling, poetry in motion was this:

Doubt kills the dream, not failure.

It hit me like a ton of bricks, and I knew I had touched an old wound or false belief I held that has kept me doubting myself. I knew it was time to transform that old pattern because, as anyone can plainly see looking at our world today, there is no time to waste in giving our gifts for the betterment of ourselves and our planet.

I asked myself, “What risk am I not taking today?” 

I resolved immediately to reach out to the literary agent whom I have been planning to contact for six months. I put together a plan to introduce her to our Who Have You Come Here to BE? book and card deck. And I have started the ball rolling. In a few days’ time our book and card deck will be delivered to her office. Wow! does it ever feel GOOD to push past my fear of risk and act on my dreams - No matter the outcome.

I even made myself a little poster to look at every day to keep me motivated to take those big and small risks that force me to push through self-doubt. It’s not very fancy but it does the job.

I know the things I want to accomplish. I have no shortage of ideas. But I have also had no shortage of reasons why this idea or that idea isn’t ready to launch or probably won’t be a success. My shadowy desire to want things to be perfect has so often held me back from moving more fully toward my dreams. I am now reminding myself that there simply isn’t time for this kind of hemming and hawing around! Chop, Chop! There are dreams to be fulfilled, healing to be facilitated, and lives to be transformed!

So while I may not be able to go back and make a new beginning to this month, I have chosen to make a new ending, thanks to Price Ea and his voice of inspiration that reminded me I have gifts to offer and a unique song to sing in the Universe.

Today I am singing like a woman on FIRE! 

What about you?

What doubts are killing your dreams? What risks are you avoiding? What song is yours to sing? Please, please, please, let us hear your voice!

Infinite Love,



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