Love and love some more

Let me count the ways...

February 14, Valentine's Day, is a day adopted by many people the world over as a day to express their love. Having morphed from a saint's feast day into a day to express love for one's lover, the day now boast expressions of love in all relationships. School children look forward to valentines and sweets shared at classroom parties, and couples look forward to a date night. For one day each year, the masses are focuses of sending and receiving messages of love. Some would say it's wonderful, others would call it harmless. A few might say it only offers a false notion of love, and that true love isn't reserved for a single day each year. No matter what your take is on this Hallmark holiday, it does bring the topic of love front and center for discussion.

The Art & Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You requires one to become aware of how we show up in our relationships. If we use the discomfort we feel over someone's behavior as an excuse to distance ourselves, we miss a key opportunity to create intimacy-with ourselves and others. Intimacy, or “IN-TO-ME-SEE," is all about knowing ourselves and each other more fully; allowing ourselves to become transparent. No more hidden agendas, silent regrets, or secret resentments. In the Art & Practice we practice the art of emotional honesty with ourselves and others. We remember that any discomfort we feel in our relationships is mirroring some area in us which needs our attention. We develop the habit of looking beyond the discomfort of the moment for the myth, message, or belief that triggered the discomfort. And in doing so we have an opportunity to heal old hurts and repattern our thinking.

Can you think of anything more loving you can do for yourself or your loved ones that to surface and heal old wounds, unconscious myths, and lingering limitations? As we begin to clear away more and more of the “programming” that keeps us stuck in who we are not, we find it easier to embrace and embody who we have come here to be. We allow our magnificence to shine as we see the truth–that God has created us brilliant and whole, compassionate and wise and that we are here to make a difference. We have the right and the responsibility to live from this magnificence.

This Valentine's Day we invite you to do more than the traditional flowers and cards to show your love. We invite you to deeply demonstrate love for yourself and others by getting to know and live from your deepest Essence, your truest Self, and embrace your Divine heritage. We invite you to join us in the Art & Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You.

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.
Mother Teresa



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