I have meditated and worked on myself for many years, but I found that after about 3 weeks of the Q-effect work, I was much more mindful than ever of when I was moving away from my center. I was able to catch myself often within a split second. Thank you Rima and Gary.

Ira Hilf,

The Art & Practice of Living with Nothing and No One Against You and the 21-day Q Process is the best thing that came our way in all my years of ministry.

Rev. Shipley Allinson,

We have offered the Q Process training twice in recent months, with a third coming up, and about 45 people have completed the work. What a difference already in the harmony…it is palpable energetically, and the conversations reflect much greater self-awareness, even when there seems to be something missing broken or not working “out there.”  I feel like we can manage change with much greater resilience now.

Rev. Larry Schellink ,

Everyone says their program is life-changing. This one really is. Long after taking the course, I am still uncovering and discovering aspects of myself that I wasn't aware of. These awakenings have helped me understand myself and others with deeper compassion. And, as an instructor in the School of Spiritual Leadership for Ministers (Center for Spiritual Living) I am using the foundational work of this program to train future ministers and am strongly recommending this course to them before they step into their first pulpit.


Rev. Marilyn Earhart,

This is the week after completing the three-week Q Process, and I can truly say I am showing up differently in all areas of my life. What I mean by that is I am aware of what feelings I'm feeling in the moment, or very shortly thereafter, and so I am able to be more conscious of my choices in responding - to both my inner and outer experiences. By choosing a better response, instead of just reacting in my old habitual manner, I am showing up in a way that I can respect and be proud of, and hopefully others find more delightful!

Dradan Oxley, Communications Consultant

As an educator, speaker and Licensed Psychologist, I have devoted much of my career to exploring and teaching about the mind/body connection. The Q Process was the perfect synthesis of many areas I have studied and teach. I incorporate the program into my classes and workshops with students and with Mental Health professionals. By uncovering the unconscious motivations behind behavior, the client is able to move beyond fear and engage with the world as an authentic self.

DR. Jeff Tarrant, Licensed Psychologist and Psychology Professor

Even though I've been actively pursuing my spiritual growth for over 40 years, when "bad" things happened I noticed slipping back into old fears that God was punishing me. I faced my own "Dark Night of the Soul" when I was diagosed with Stage III Colon Cancer and experienced permanent side effects from the treatments. My work with The Q-Process helped to heal and re-frame that nothing or no one is against me. I'm thankful to apply these cutting-edge scientific and spiritual tools to transform my life and those I coach.

Susie Weller, Author, Teacher & Workshop Presenter

The process of becoming a Q Coach brought incredible clarity to my life. The Q Process is a powerfully effective tool, and it miraculously manifested at the perfect time in my life. The 21 Day process was safe and changed my life at depth. I feel better prepared to help individuals in need of “Career Awakening and Health and Wellness” to facilitate change in their lives.

Deb Blackett, Staffing Expert, Career & Wellness Coach, CAM Certified Healer

I experienced the Q Process for the first time working with Unity of Buffalo during the Transformation Experience Pilot Program. I knew right away it was a powerful healing tool as I observed people making significant changes in their lives. I've used The Q Process to find negative myths and beliefs I have about myself and life and release them. It continues to be a powerful tool for me and for my coaching clients.

Linda Davidson, Executive Coach