Taking Authentic Action

The final step in the Q Process consists of taking authentic action, which has the potential of creating significant transformation. Choosing and implementing an authentic action demonstrates to your body-mind that there has been an internal shift based on the insights gleaned from the worksheet.

There can often be confusion about what authentic action actually looks like.

Within the framework of the Q Process worksheet, there are several components to consider. Authentic action, in this context, is described as being:

  1. Heart-inspired
  2. Concrete and measurable
  3. Acted upon within 24 hours
  4. A demonstration of the missing resource identified in Section 4 of the worksheet
  5. A creation of the felt sense of the Q card quality that would have helped stay connected to our wholeness
  6. Implemented from the conscious awareness and clear perspective of who we have come here to be

ActionChoosing an action that is concrete and measurable means imagining if someone took a photograph or video camera of the action, what would it look like?

If the trigger is external and we said or did something to cause some separation in an exchange with someone, a concrete action can be easier to identify. For instance, “I will call him tomorrow, ask if we could revisit our conversation and apologize for my words.”

Interestingly, the challenge comes when we have to create an action that demonstrates reconciliation within ourselves. The tendency for vagueness can easily arise. For instance, our authentic action might be “I will be kinder to myself.” The question then becomes - what does that look like? If I had someone snap a photo of me showing myself kindness, what would the image depict?

Would it be a picture of me booking a massage for myself? Or making dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant? Going for a walk on the beach? Calling a loving and trusted friend to connect with?

Whatever action I choose, it needs to demonstrate the unmet need and create a felt sense of the Q quality. So if the unmet need was an experience of self-love and the quality that could have helped me stay connected was kindness, then booking and enjoying a massage could demonstrate self-love and create the feeling of kindness. If it doesn’t create a felt sense of the Q quality, then a different authentic action needs to be chosen that will help to bring that forth.

Why is that? It is because by taking authentic action and demonstrating the missing resource, we begin to create new neural pathways that lead to transformation. Especially as we do it from the awareness of who we have come here to be. As we take the action from that consciousness, we are actually developing the Q quality that we want to express!

The heart is the key to creating transformation through authentic action. Rather than just thinking about what the appropriate action might be, it is important to consult the heart. Take the time to become still, breathe into the heart, feel appreciation and then ask what the authentic action would be. The heart will not steer us in the wrong direction. We can trust in the higher intelligence within us to guide us in this transformative process.

Authentic action is the gateway to expressing the truth of our wholeness and being who we have come here to be.




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